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Challenges & Prizes Challenge and prize competitions can drive innovation and solve mission-centric problems—whether technical, scientific, or creative. Challenge.Gov is an award-winning government sponsored free tool that can help your agency run a challenge.

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The Electronic Capital Planning and Investment Control (eCPIC) application was developed to address agency needs for a more organized and transparent approach to IT capital planning. It is a web-based, government-owned, fee-for-service, federal shared software-as-a-service solution. Federal agencies use eCPIC to support their internal IT portfolio management, IT capital planning, and IT governance processes. The eCPIC application also enables agencies to meet their external IT project cost, schedule, risk, and performance reporting requirements to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Office of the Chief Information Officer (OFCIO). Get Started is the U.S. government’s open data site, providing users access to datasets generated by the Executive Branch of the federal government. Users can publish their datasets or find open government data on a wide range of subjects, ranging from education, health, public safety, climate change, and much more.

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Digital Analytics Program (DAP) offers advanced, easy Web analytics to federal agencies. The program includes is a no-cost, hosted shared service Web analytics tool, digital metrics guidance and best practices, training and support.

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U.S. Digital Registry. Promote your public facing mobile websites and apps by registering them in the U.S. Digital Registry. Once registered your app will be featured on the Federal Mobile Apps Directory and included in a government mobile product API. Free!

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Federal CrowdSource Mobile Testing Program. Take advantage of this FREE service provided for federal agencies by federal employees. Leverage an army of Testers (all federal employees) to evaluate your application on a wide variety of mobile devices and provide your agency with a results report you can immediately use to enhance your application.

Get Started (formerly DigitalGov Search) is a hosted site search service provided by the U.S. General Services Administration. You can use to power the search box on your federal government website—at no cost.

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Social Media

U.S. Digital Registry is a tool to keep track of social media accounts managed by federal agencies. It helps the public identify “official” federal social media accounts and helps agencies manage their social media efforts. It includes a series of APIs so developers can build applications with the data from the registry. Free!

Get Started Short URLs let anyone with a government email address quickly and easily create short, trustworthy .gov URLs. Free!

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