Product and project management

Resources on Product and project management

  • An introduction to the Digital Experience Council

    The Digital Experience (DX) Council plays a critical role in coordinating governmentwide efforts and assisting agencies in delivering digital experiences that meet the public’s needs and expectations.

  • Requirements for improving the management of federal programs and projects

    Learn how to implement the Program Management Improvement Accountability Act to deliver better websites and digital services.

  • provides the public, agencies, members of Congress, academics, and the media a view into the progress underway to improve federal government performance and accountability to the American public.

  • TechFAR Hub

    Understand how to buy, build, and deliver modern digital services while staying on the correct side of compliance with the TechFAR Hub.

  • An introduction to inclusion

    An inclusive culture contributes to a sense of belonging, promotes a healthier and more empowering workplace, respects differences, and optimizes for equal opportunities.

  • Moving to .gov

    If you’re moving to .gov from another top-level domain, like .com, .org, or .us, here are some best practices to help you plan that transition.

  • How to Build an Analytics Strategy

    A case study using as an example of how to assess, report, and take action using web analytics as part of an analytics strategy.

  • Foundations of Agile, Part I

    18F’s Alan Atlas and Alan Brouilette cover the fundamentals of Agile.

  • Foundations of Agile, Part II

    18F’s Alan Atlas and Alan Brouilette cover the fundamentals of Agile.

  • U.S. Web Design System

    A design system for the federal government that makes it easier to build accessible, mobile-friendly government websites for the American public.

Tools and Services

  • 18F

    We help government agencies fix technical problems, build products, and improve how government serves the public through technology.

  • Digital Dashboard

    Measures how U.S. government domains are following best practices for federal websites.

  • Presidential Innovation Fellows

    We help government agencies fix technical problems, build products, and improve how government serves the public through technology.


    Guidance for federal agencies on IT accessibility compliance.

  • U.S. Digital Service

    We deploy small, responsive groups of designers, engineers, product managers, and bureaucracy specialists to work with and empower civil servants.

  • 10x

    Provides funding for new technology projects or products across government, from the TTS office of investments.

  • Digital Analytics Program

    A free analytics tool for measuring digital services in the federal government.

  • DotGov Registry

    We make it easy to register and manage a .gov domain for US-based government organizations.

  • FedRAMP

    The Federal Risk and Authorization Management (FedRAMP) is a process that authorizes cloud products and services.


    An identity management service that provides secure and private online access to participating government programs.

Join a Community of Practice

  • Innovation Adoption

    Our purpose is to build innovation and intrapreneurship capacity across government by investing in and nurturing innovation, intrapreneurship capabilities, and the innovation experience.

  • Federal Leadership and Professional Development

    Providing federal employees with seminars on leadership, professional development, and strategy.

  • U.S. Web Design System

    A community for anyone building federal websites with the U.S. Web Design System (USWDS) or considering it for a future project.

  • Web Managers

    Create a better online experience for the public alongside government web content managers.

News and Events on Product and project management

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18F practices in action (spoiler: this stuff works)

How well do 18F software development practices work? The 18F team reflected on a recent project for the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) .gov registry to gauge the effectiveness of six recommendations aligned with what they actually did. — via 18F

18F logo

Apr 03, 2024

18F at ten

We’re celebrating all the ways we continue to realize our founding vision: bringing technologists into government, launching shared digital services, and helping partner agencies build user-centered technology. — via 18F

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Mar 19, 2024

Annual Gathering

Spring 2024 Community Summit

Digital service experts across the federal government will share case studies and best practices on delivering a digital-first public experience.
Next steps in the U.S. Web Design System’s inclusive usability research

USWDS Monthly Call - November 2023

The USWDS team will continue sharing our progress to improve ongoing research, publishing results and addressing recent findings.
Watch Video
Conducting user research with people with disabilities

USWDS Monthly Call - October 2023

This month, we’ll share progress and findings from our recent effort to improve our ongoing research practice.
Watch Video
Join us as we discuss the concept and importance of backlogs and hear real-world examples of successful application in various GSA products and programs.

6 lessons from a project handoff

Project handoffs are not simple. Teams have their own cultures and work styles. Without planning, a project could lose institutional memory, time, quality, and funding when it passes from one team to the next. Here are 6 lessons we learned as a recent project changed hands. — via logo

Sep 19, 2023

Am I doing it right? A checkup for agile teams

Even on the best teams, things need to be monitored and adjusted. If you are doing this for the first time, it can be even harder. In this article, I share some signals of what success looks like and what to do if you are stuck in one of the many common pitfalls. — via 18F

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Mar 23, 2023