Communities of Practice

Collaborate and share resources with others across government.

Challenge & Prize

We encourage public participation in crowdsourcing competitions to find innovative government solutions.

Cloud and Infrastructure

A community for those who support their agency’s IT modernization efforts, and want to learn about application rationalization, data center optimization, and federal cloud computing.

Crowdsourcing and Citizen Science

We work across government develop best practices for designing, implementing, and evaluating crowdsourcing and citizen science initiatives.


The practice of operations and development staff participating in the entire service lifecycle to operate rapidly changing resilient systems at scale.

Federal Communicators Network

We help federal communicators achieve excellence by providing training, opportunities for professional networking, sharing resources and ideas, and advancing the profession.

Government Contact Center Council (G3C)

The Government Contact Center Council (G3C) Community of Practice (CoP) consists of contact center leaders from agencies in all levels of government focused on delivering exceptional customer experience.

Innovation Adoption

Our purpose is to build innovation and intrapreneurship capacity across government by investing in and nurturing innovation, intrapreneurship capabilities, and the innovation experience.

IT Buyers

The Information Technology (IT) Buyers Community of Practice (ITB CoP) brings together acquisition programs, contract vehicle programs, and procurement specialists to create a community of federal IT buyers who share their experiences and scale their expertise across government.


We are a group of federal, state and local government multilingual content managers, formerly known as the Federal Multilingual Websites Committee, who are working to expand and improve digital content in languages other than English.

Open Data

A community listserv and working group that unites 900 open data leads at federal agencies, data stewards, and all others in government interested in open data, enterprise data inventory, civic tech, and data-driven government issues.

Open Source

A federal government community interested in source code and open source software (OSS).


The Interagency Open Government Community of Practice is where we talk about transparency, open-participation, and collaboration across agencies.

Plain Language

Our goal is to promote the use of plain language for all government communications.

Results-Oriented Accountability for Grants

Our community engages stakeholders around the President’s Management Agenda (PMA), and the Results-Oriented Accountability for Grants Cross-Agency Priority (CAP) Goal.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

A collaborative body designed to rapidly accelerate the adoption of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology across the federal government.

Social Media

SocialGov is the government social media and new digital media community of practice.

U.S. Web Design System

A community for anyone building federal websites with the U.S. Web Design System (USWDS) or considering it for a future project.

User Experience

Join other federal user experience practitioners and learn how to make better user-centered products.

Video Production Pros

Video Production Pros brings together passionate storytellers, artists, social gurus, strategists, and video production experts from across the U.S. government.

Web Analytics and Optimization

We discuss strategies, methods, and tools related to analytics, A/B testing, search engine optimization (SEO), and other topics to help the federal government improve web experiences for users.

Web Managers

We are working to create a trusted, seamless online experience for all.