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If you are a U.S. government employee with a .gov or .mil email address, please email Bryce Spivey with ‘Join Video Production Pros’ in the subject line.

Who Are We?

Video Production Pros brings together passionate storytellers, artists, social gurus, strategists, and video production experts from across the U.S. government. We will share leading trends, best practices, latest projects, feedback, techniques, and strategies to help our respective agencies connect with people through the power of video.

What We Do

Knowledge Sharing: Our listserv will provide news about emerging video production gear, software and more. We cover everything from pre-production to post. We strive to make our videos more successful on social platforms, through analytics, using mobile tools, targeted distribution and more. Members will be able to ask questions, network and share their knowledge.

Events: Our members will share networking events, training sessions, volunteer opportunities and more.

Community Conduct

When participating in this CoP, follow Etiquette Guidelines. Respect your peers, use plain language, be patient, practice constructive criticism, and stay organized. By participating in this CoP conversation, you agree to abide by the TTS Code of Conduct.