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Social Media Community

Improve social media outreach and performance.

Connect with us

Government employees and contractors with an official .gov or .mil email are eligible to join.

Email to join. Include Join the Social Media Community in the subject line .

Join 1,493 Social Media community members

The Social Media Community of Practice (CoP) was launched in June 2012 to research, evaluate, and implement emerging social technologies and strategies to help the American public understand and access services and explain the role of government in their lives. The CoP connects digital managers and specialists in government as part of an effort aimed at improving how digital engagement programs are created, adopted, and evaluated.

What We Do

The CoP hosts educational and networking events, and provides resources to members with the goal of improving social media and new digital media outreach efforts. Social media managers face many of the same challenges – join the community to connect with others.

Who We Are

The CoP includes social media communicators of all specialties and experience levels. If you work in government social media, this community is for you.

Community Conduct

The Communities of Practice are hosted by, a service of the Technology Transformation Services (TTS) within the General Services Administration (GSA). GSA is a federal agency subject to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and must comply with requests for records made under FOIA. As a result, all communications made on this Communities of Practice LISTSERV are subject to release under FOIA.

When participating in this CoP, follow Community Guidelines.

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