Resources on Accessibility

Tools and Services


    Guidance on the use of plain language for government communications and training for federal employees.


    Guidance for Federal agencies on IT accessibility compliance.

  • The Guide to the Paperwork Reduction Act

    Get help with the PRA, planning and submitting an information request, and finding your agencies agency’s PRA contact.

  • Open Opportunities

    Discover opportunities across government that will help you build and make connections.

  • U.S. Web Design System

    A toolkit of principles, guidance, and code that helps agency digital teams build accessible, mobile-friendly government websites for the American public.

Join a Community of Practice

  • U.S. Web Design System

    A community for anyone building federal websites with the U.S. Web Design System (USWDS) or considering it for a future project.

  • Section 508 IT Accessibility

    To support people working to enhance access to federal information technology (IT), we identify and promote best practices for compliance with Section 508 law, and conformance to the Revised 508 Standards.

  • Plain Language

    Brings together government plain language practitioners to promote use of plain language, saving agencies time and money and providing better service to the public.