DigitalGov University 2015 Training Watch

Jan 28, 2015

Performance Analytics for Social Media Decision Making. Creating Adaptive Content. Usability Testing. These are just some of the areas of programming we are putting together.

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After taking a look at the most widely attended events in 2014, we decided to gather ideas we received from community and program leads for our 2015 events lineup through DigitalGov University (DGU).

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We’ve identified primary needs in each community, but this is just the top of the line-up because we will continue to offer just-in-time training on the things you need when you need it. We will also host Mobile Around the Horn calls, #SocialGov Summits “U.S. Federal #SocialGov: 2 Years of Smashing Silos + Elevating Citizen Services with Social Media”), UX CoP events and other ongoing events you look forward to attending.

Did we hit the mark? What else would you suggest? Add your suggestions in the comments below.

Social Media

  • Performance for decision-making
  • Accessibility/Inclusiveness
  • Strategic development of a social strategy


  • Mobile strategy (native apps vs. mobile web)
  • Adaptive content (text, images, video)
  • Mobile code sharing

Digital Analytics Program

  • Analytics basics
  • DAP 201
  • (Potential) Using DAP for customer satisfaction data


  • Mobile usability testing
  • A/B testing
  • User interviews

Web Content

  • Creating structured content
  • Plain language/Web writing
  • SEO


  • How to work with open source
  • How to create in an agile environment
  • User-centered design

Open Data

  • Data management
  • Metadata best practices
  • Licensing

Plain Language

  • Negotiating language with lawyers and SMEs

Contact Centers

  • Quality Assurance—related to inquiry responses and content
  • Knowledge/Content Management
  • CRM tools/platforms

Also, don’t forget, in May we will host our 2nd DigitalGov Citizen Services Summit and we are Crowdsourcing the panels and presentations. You can suggest ideas for the Summit on our crowdsourcing platform that relate to the theme of “Open.”

We work with our community leaders and program managers who cull the listservs, and keep their finger on the pulse of the communities to make sure we are getting you the info you need. We’d also love to hear from you too—suggestions below or email us.