Ignite with Us

May 21, 2014

Have a DigitalGov success?—published an API? Got buy-in from leadership? Changed a part of your customer-service paradigm? Developed a cool dashboard? Got the app out the door?

Heck! Have you prototyped a wearable, drivable or flyable?

Have a DigitalGov opinion?—think we should be focusing more or less on something? Have an idea on how to improve development? Want to share your digital gov mantra? Internet of things?

You are doing and thinking a lot, and we have a place for a few of you smarties to share with other agencies. At the close of the DigitalGov Citizen Services Summit we will have quick and catchy ignite sessions and we want you to share your amazing innovations.

Here’s the thing, we don’t know what we don’t know. You need to tell us. If you are a federal government employee, email us with the title of your innovation and why YOU think other agencies need to hear about it.

  • How does your innovation benefit other agencies
  • Is it able to be replicated or shared
  • What is the value

We have limited slots, so only the strong will survive. But, wait. There’s more! If you aren’t selected there is the possibility for a post on DigitalGov. It’s share and share alike. We are excited to hear about your good work. By the way, check out our updated agenda—we’ve added speakers from U.S. Census Bureau. If you have not signed up for the event, register now, we are almost sold out!