Top 8 Best Practices for Federal Contact Centers

Jan 9, 2014
Women working in call center

1. Meet all Laws, Requirements, Policies, and Directives for Federal Contact Centers

2. Use Performance Metrics to Influence Business Rules and Drive Improvements

3. Develop and Use a Comprehensive Quality Assurance Program

  • Monitor quality.
  • Use data to provide feedback to website/content team.
  • Compare Quality Assurance scores to Customer Satisfaction scores to ensure they are similar.

4. Implement a Content Strategy

  • Develop content guidelines (plain language (PDF, 186 KB, 1 page), accessibility, etc.)
  • Institute a content review process (including a schedule and checklist for quality and functionality).
  • Use FAQs or a knowledgebase.
  • Develop pre-formatted responses (canned/scripted answers) for email, chat, social media, etc.

5. Focus on Top Tasks and Make the Most Important Content Easy to Find

  • Determine top tasks.
    • Review data (reports, website traffic, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) usage, etc.)
    • Review Customer Satisfaction data
    • Survey front-line agents
  • Evaluate if top tasks can be accomplished through self-service (website, IVR).
  • Ensure FAQs are on your website.
  • Use a knowledgebase system that automatically moves most-requested info to top.
  • Arrange IVR messages in order of popularity (most-requested info is heard as first menu choice).
  • Use the same language as your customers. Avoid using government acronyms, which customers may not understand. (For online FAQs, consider hidden keywords).

6. Engage Your Customers to Create a Two-Way Dialogue

  • Provide blogs, communities, and outreach via other social media venues.
  • Incorporate videos and webcasting.

7. Collect Customer Feedback

  • Use a Customer Satisfaction Survey.
    • Don’t ask leading questions.
    • Review the Basics of Survey and Question Design
    • Allow for additional comments from customers.
    • Restrict the number of questions to seven.
    • Survey everyone; not just the happy or unhappy customers
  • Conduct focus groups to gauge opinions.
  • Implement usability testing to determine what is and isn’t working.
  • Conduct interviews, workshops.

8. Stay Current with the Latest Research and Best Practices