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Welcome to the New

Jun 9, 2016

Today, I am happy to announce the newly optimized website. Over the past year, DHS has worked behind the scenes to update and modernize our flagship website, making it faster and easier to use. Some of the specific differences you’ll see are:

  • Compatibility for both desktop computers and mobile devices (phones and tablets)
  • Cleaner, easier-to-read site format and presentation
  • Faster and more accurate site navigation using our internal search function and external search engines (like Google and Bing)
A collage of the new DHS website on different devices; dekstop, tablet, and mobile phone. for Mobile

In 2015, more than 22% of visitors to used either a cell phone or tablet, but the site was only configured to display on desktop computers. now works for desktop computers, tablets and smartphones, making it easier to get the information you need – wherever you are – in the format appropriate for your device.

A New Look

Throughout the course of this effort, we updated more than 9,000 pages to simplify how information is presented to the user. Each page now features easy-to-read type and a clear introduction, so you can quickly determine if you are on the right page. We also built in collapsing sections so that longer pages of content can be quickly skimmed for relevant information.

The new is also fully accessible, reinforcing the Department’s commitment to meet or exceed federal Section 508 compliance standards.

Finally, we introduced new tools like updated slideshows and image carousels, which highlight new information and announcements from the Department.

More Efficient Searches

Finding information on has never been easier.

We updated the site’s technology to make sure pages were cataloged correctly by both our search engine and external search engines, so your searches on will yield more accurate results. We also organized each page and section by DHS mission area, so you can see how each program or activity ties into broader Department goals. For instance, you can use our optimized search engine to find the DHS Trusted Traveler program that works best for you.

Moving Forward

Updating a website the size of is no small feat.

However, by staying focused on the needs of our customer (you), we hope this new site serves you in a more efficient way. We look forward to more updates in the future as we continue to find new and innovative ways to improve your experience with

Happy browsing!

This post was originally published on the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) blog by J. Todd Breasseale, Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs.