Digging Into the Data of Our Customer Survey

Jan 5, 2016

As a follow-up to the recent post about our annual customer satisfaction survey, we wanted to dig into the data and share some of the overall results to give you some more insights into how we’re using your feedback to improve our programs and services.

The question, Are you satisfied? appears on a console above 3 rating buttons; 1 star to indicate not satisfied, 2 stars to indicate somewhat satisfied, and 3 stars, which has been selected, to indicate very satisfied.

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Background: For the past three years, GSA’s Office of Citizen Services and Innovative Technologies (OCSIT) has conducted an annual survey to measure customer satisfaction. The survey is modeled after Forrester’s original Customer Experience Index. In 2015, we polled over 8,800 people from 135 government agencies and bureaus to gather data on 18 programs. Around one-third of the people we surveyed (31%) are customers of more than one OCSIT program.

Overall Results

For 2015, OCSIT programs ranked “Good,” with an overall GCXi score of 78. Note, in 2015 we added a new metric to measure “Ease of Use” (EoU) of our programs.

Overall Rating 2015* 2014 2013
Satisfaction 79 85 87
Ease of Use (EoU) 69 N/A N/A
Likelihood to Return 86 89 82
Likelihood to Recommend 77 84 89
Overall Index Score 78 86 86
Overall Index Score (Excluding EoU) 81 N/A N/A
*Ease of Use (EoU) metric was added in 2015

The majority of OCSIT programs (55%) surveyed scored “Good” or “Very Good,” much higher than Forrester’s industry benchmarks.

Score #Programs 2015 Ratings
2015 2014 2013 OCSIT Industry (Forrester)
Very Good (85+) 7 8 6 38% 1%
Good (75-84) 3 6 1 17% 26%
Fair (65-74) 4 1 0 22% 52%
Poor (55-65) 1 1 1 6% 19%
Very Poor (below 55) 3 0 0 17% 1%


Ease of Use

  • We added an “Ease of Use” question to the 2015 survey, to gauge whether customers find our products customer-friendly.
  • We learned that customers found some of our more technical programs hard to use, so we’ve responded by offering additional training, office hours and one-on-one consultations with agencies.


  • The percentage of programs rated “Very Good” (38%) far outpaced the 2015 Forrester Customer Experience Index industry rankings (1%).
  • Eleven out of 18 programs received an Overall Satisfaction rating of 4 or 5 (“Satisfied” or “Very Satisfied”), including:
    • Challenges & Prizes
    • DigitalGov University
    • G3C
    • Mobile Gov
    • Open Opportunities
    • Publications
    • SocialGov
    • USA Contact (Contact Center Contract Vehicle)
    • USA.gov Contact Center Services
    • User Experience
    • Web Content Managers Forum


  • We received a larger number of responses in 2015 than any prior year, with an overall response rate of 7.3%. However, several programs received much greater participation:
    • Contact Center programs—100% participation
    • eCPIC program—54% participation
    • Citizen Outreach and Engagement program—50% participation

Overall Ratings

  • The Publications program received a perfect score of 100.
  • The Government Contact Center Council Community of Practice (G3C) and Publication Distribution programs have maintained “Very Good” ratings three years running, as have DigitalGov University, the User Experience Community of Practice, the SocialGov Community of Practice and the Web Content Managers Forum (which were rated collectively in 2013).
  • The Challenges & Prizes program has seen an 18% increase in their overall rating since 2013.

We’re just starting work on this year’s GCXi, and have plans to streamline and simplify the process, to make it easier for you to provide your feedback. When you see a request from our team to take the survey, please share your thoughts. We take your comments to heart.

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