Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends Report

Jun 5, 2013
Mary Meeker stands with her arms folded. She has short, light brown hair and is wearing a brown outfit and colorful scarf.

Techcrunch. com reports Mary Meeker’s much anticipated annual Internet Trends report released at the D11 Conference last week shows astounding growth regarding use of smartphones and tablets. Among the highlights:

  • Mobile Internet users have reached 1.5 billion, up from 1.1 billion a year ago, a 30% increase
  • The number of smartphones is up to 5 billion mobile phones worldwide
  • Mobile usage is now 15% of all Internet traffic, up 50% from 10% the year before
  • Tablet shipments outpaced desktop and notebook shipments 3 years after being introduced
  • There seems to be a shift from smartphones and tablets to other types of mobile enabled devices that Meeker is calling Wearables, Drivables, Flyables and Scannables
  • See the complete slideshare for more

Government mobile strategists who pay attention to Meeker’s stats will likely stay ahead of the curve regarding the expected continuing exponential growth in mobile usage, devices and applications and keep citizens and stakeholders engaged on whatever device they use.