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Federal Crowdsourcing

Federal Crowdsourcing Webinar Series, Episode 15 — 10x: Transforming Technology Through Agile Investments

In this webinar, we will discuss GSA’s incremental investment program, 10x, which is modeled after modern venture capital best practices and start up studios.
Oct 29, 2020

Zero Pageviews Is Your Goal: Finding Problem Pages with Website Analytics

Improve customer experience by turning your website analytics upside down to track the numbers for pages you DON’T want visitors to see.
Oct 27, 2020

Discovery BPA Evaluation Process: How to Operationalize this Practice

This guide provides acquisition professionals the steps and resources needed to operationalize the evaluation process developed for the Discovery BPA.
Oct 26, 2020

True Crime Detectives: How We Used Free Web Metrics Tools To Uncover a Cybersecurity Incident

Join as we slowly uncover a conspiracy to scam Americans using fake government websites… and then try to foil the caper!
Oct 26, 2020
National Archives and Records Administrationlogo

Transition Post 3: Managing Official Email and Social Media Accounts—As part of their federal government transition series, this third post highlights the need to manage official email and social media accounts of senior officials as they enter and exit Federal Service. It is very important for these officials to keep personal materials separate from official accounts or systems. This avoids the laborious and difficult task of reviewing voluminous materials when leaving the agency. — via National Archives and Records Administration

Oct 21, 2020

DAP Learning Series

Analytics Case Study Part 3: Action

How to take action using the analysis and insights you created using DAP and Google Analytics.
Oct 21, 2020

Product lessons from the front lines of COVID-19 civic tech response

Two Presidential Innovation Fellows share how we can build digital services quickly without compromising quality for the public in times of crisis.
Oct 16, 2020
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Transition Post 2: Entrance and Exit Checklists for Senior Officials—This post in their federal government transition series highlights the specific resources we have created for senior officials entering and exiting Federal Service. It is critically important these officials are aware of their records management responsibilities. Our Documenting Your Public Service guide includes Model Records and Information Management Entrance and Exit Checklists. These checklists serve as models for records management staff to adapt for use in their own agencies. — via National Archives and Records Administration

Oct 15, 2020


USWDS Monthly Call - October 2020

Deceptive design patterns—also known as “Dark Patterns”
Oct 15, 2020
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Digital Analytics Program releases Web Analytics Playbook —Take a look at these considerations anyone managing a web analytics tool should keep in mind! Strategy, implementation, and action among the plays discussed. — via Digital Analytics Program

Oct 13, 2020

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Transition Post 1: General Resources from NARA and GSA—During the month of October, GAO will be sharing a series of posts on records management best practices for officials entering and exiting Federal service. Today we’d like to highlight resources made available by GSA for all agencies. They maintain the Presidential Transition Directory to connect the people helping to plan and design the next federal government with information and resources. This Directory also incorporates OMB Memo M-20-24: Implementing the Presidential Transition Act. Our staff worked with GSA to ensure records management guidance has been updated and incorporated into the Transition Directory. — via National Archives and Records Administration

Oct 09, 2020

DAP Learning Series

Analytics Case Study Part 2: Analysis

How to pull reporting and conduct analysis through the lens of your analytics strategy.
Sep 24, 2020

A Fresh Start With DevOps - Maybe

When legacy is used to define systems less than five years old, an agency can still encounter DevOps adoption challenges where you least expect them.
Sep 22, 2020

Operating Cloud Services Efficiently with Business-Driven IT

Program managers, IT acquisitions leads, and business-minded IT professionals will receive in-depth guidance to improve cloud efficiency, optimization, and effective cost controls.
Sep 22, 2020

USWDS Monthly Call - September 2020

Join U.S. Web Design System Product Lead, Dan Williams, as we talk about the three new components for the design system.
Sep 17, 2020
Federal Crowdsourcing

Federal Crowdsourcing Webinar Series, Episode 14: Putting Open Data to Work for America’s Communities

Learn how federal agencies can leverage The Opportunity Project’s adaptable toolkit to engage cross-sector collaborators and rapidly prototype digital products powered by federal open data.
Sep 15, 2020
U.S. Web Design Systemlogo

Improvements to the US Web Design System Banner Content and Code —We improved the security banner that’s featured on many government websites and we encourage teams to update to this new security language as soon as possible. — via U.S. Web Design System

Sep 11, 2020

Plain Language

Plain Language Basics: Online Workshop

Take this three-hour online workshop to learn how to write and edit in plain language.
Sep 10, 2020
Customer Experience

6 Ways Government Innovators Are Building Stronger Public Services

Learn how federal agencies are using AI, data, cloud computing, customer experience, and the TTS tech stack to improve civic resources for all Americans.
Sep 09, 2020

A Federal Guide to De-risk Government Technology Projects—Written for cross-functional teams delivering IT services to their users, the Federal Field Guide to De-risk Government Technology offers guidance to federal agencies on how to structure software development teams, write contracts, and oversee agile software activities to reduce risks and improve outcomes for end-users. — via 18F

Sep 09, 2020