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Federal Crowdsourcing Webinar Series, Episode 7: Crowdsourcing for Code

Learn how the team, and every day contributors, are helping the U.S. government to expand its repository—and application—of open-source code as part of’s Open Tasks initiative.
Feb 11, 2020

Deep Dive into the UX Field

An interview with an Innovation Specialist at U.S. Department of the Interior’s Office of Natural Resources Revenue (ONRR).
Feb 11, 2020
This Week's IDEA

Adopting the USWDS, One Step at a Time

The U.S. Web Design System is key to new website standards
Jan 30, 2020

Improving the Experience of Federal Grant Reporting

A 10x project to investigate opportunities to make the grant reporting process more efficient.
Jan 28, 2020

How Agencies Are Spreading Best Practices

A panel discussion with people from six different agencies on how they share technical best practices in their organizations.
Jan 28, 2020

10x Project Lightning Talks

In this webinar, 10x project teams demonstrate their work to date and provide brief overviews of each project. Topics range from federating data to agile budgeting to machine learning, and our hope is that these talks will inspire others to submit ideas to 10x.
Jan 27, 2020

In 2019, served 295,916,305 queries across more than 2,000 government websites. Find out more in their annual report, including the most common topics that people searched for. — via

Jan 27, 2020

General Services Administrationlogo

GSA officially released the ‘website standards’ referenced in Section 3(e) of 21st Century IDEA. The U.S. Web Design System (USWDS) is key to new website standards. — via General Services Administration

Jan 23, 2020


This week, has surpassed 20 million registered users! 🎉 Congratulations to the team for hitting this milestone while keeping the product simple and secure for the public. — via

Jan 22, 2020


10 Employee Engagement Experiences to Foster Collaboration

How do we create an agile federal culture that’s more inclusive, insightful, and efficient? Explore 10 teamwork engagement experiences with your agency to foster collaboration.
Jan 22, 2020

Agencies on a Mission to Match Service Members with Civilian Careers

Build a better application to match the skills of those who have served in the military with employer needs.
Jan 21, 2020

USWDS Monthly Call: Using the USWDS Maturity Model

Join U.S. Web Design System Product Lead, Dan Williams, as we discuss the USWDS maturity model and answer your questions.
Jan 16, 2020

The’s team launched a new analytics dashboard that shows the top pages and topics that are trending on and This gives agencies a better window into the information the public needs most so they can prioritize that information and make it more accessible to their users. — via

Jan 16, 2020


SocialGov Winter Meeting

Join us for talks by colleagues from NIST, IRS, USPTO,, and DC HSEMA who will speak on the latest social media topics and an opportunity to do some in-person networking.
Jan 14, 2020

A Look at the New

How the GSA incorporated the U.S. Web Design System into their flagship site.
Jan 08, 2020

U.S. Web Design System: December Monthly Call

Join U.S. Web Design System Product Lead, Dan Williams, as we discuss the USWDS and answer your questions.
Dec 19, 2019
U.S. Web Design Systemlogo

The U.S. Web Design System released a maturity model to help you adopt the design system incrementally as you design and build better digital experiences for the American public — via U.S. Web Design System

Dec 19, 2019

Welcome to the NEW

It’s now easier to find the tools and resources you need to make digital services better, and see examples of problems being solved across government.
Dec 19, 2019
The Centers of Excellencelogo

“The best way to define and develop solutions is to put the people dependent on those solutions at the center of your process.” — A look at how the Centers of Excellence (CoE) team is using human centered design in their work. — via The Centers of Excellence

Dec 19, 2019

User Experience

UX Documentation: Convince Them the Problem Is Real

If you want to make worthwhile investments in the way you interact with customers, think user experience.
Dec 17, 2019