How USAGov en Español Uses Quantitative and Qualitative Data to Meet the Needs of Its Audience

Thursday, June 11, 2020 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM ET

Hosted by and the Multilingual Community of Practice

Understanding the needs of an audience is key in order to be able to develop the right content. We will show how USAGov en Español continuously gathers and analyzes quantitative and qualitative data from a variety of channels, including the USAGov Contact Center, to meet the constantly evolving needs of our Spanish-language users.

We will demo how we use the Digital Analytics Program (DAP) and other tools to collect data. We will also show a few examples of how we conduct our analysis to be able to make recommendations.


Fabiola Herrera has 12+ years of experience writing, editing, translating and managing content online. She creates content in Spanish for USAGov en Español—for both the site and social media. She also analyzes data from the USAGov Contact Center. With this data, she develops monthly reports outlining trends and makes recommendations to improve the customer experience both on and offline.

Andres Quiñones is a bilingual data analyst with many years of experience in optimization strategy, search and data analysis, and data storytelling. As part of the team, one of his key tasks is to analyze all the data being collected from across different channels (including survey comments) and make recommendations to other teams in the organization. His analysis is key to the development of content and outreach messages that help the public find the answers they need.

This talk is hosted by the Multilingual Community of Practice and The Multilingual Community of Practice is a group of federal, state and local government digital content and outreach managers led by Laura Godfrey.

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