DigitalGov Podcast: Leaders Come and Go, But Your Customers Will Remain

Jul 17, 2015

To provide great customer service, bring your agency’s customers to the table.

This is one of many insights recently offered by Stephanie Thum, Vice President of Customer Experience at the Export-Import Bank of the United States. Thum has previously written about customer experience for DigitalGov, including Three Ways to Evolve Your Agency’s Customer Mindset and the forward-looking Will 2016 Be the Federal Government’s ‘Year of the Customer?’

In May, Thum sat down with DigitalGov to dig deeper into the federal customer experience (CX) landscape. Thum discussed how the CX mindset is gaining momentum and attention around government, how CX is a management discipline that deserves a seat at the C-suite, and why providing great customer service makes fundamental business sense.

To listen to the podcast offline, download the .mp3 file (11 MB). You can also download and read the transcript (Word document, 5 pages, 21 KB).