Trends on Tuesday: Meet the Mobile Power Users

Sep 30, 2014
Young Hispanic millennials looking at cell phones

U.S. Hispanics are ahead of the digital curve, according to an analysis of strategies of leading brands and forward-thinking marketers by Lisa Gevelber, Vice President of Americas Marketing. As we’ve noted before, Hispanics not only lead in adoption of new devices, they are also power users of mobile.

The report highlights a few categories supporting Gevelber’s observations:

  • The average Hispanic spends more than eight hours watching online video each month, over 90 minutes longer than the U.S. average.
  • YouTube views of top U.S. Hispanic channels are up 1.25% year over year.
  • In the two years since the launch of the bilingual multi-channel network MiTu, the network has grown an audience of more than 36 million subscribers, one-third the number of subscribers to HBO.
  • Smartphones are becoming the “first screen,” with 10 million Hispanics watching mobile video for an average of more than six hours per month.
  • Among smartphone owners, Hispanics are 17% more likely than non-Hispanics to access the Web through their phone than through a computer, and more likely to upgrade or replace their mobile headsets and buy tablets.
  • Hispanics are 1.5% more likely to buy mobile apps and digital media than non-Hispanics.

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