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Trends on Tuesday: The Future of Mobile Data

Jan 14, 2014

This infographic from Light Reading addresses recent trends in mobile data use. We are struck by how much data was transferred via a WiFi connection vs. cellular. People are using WiFi connections way more than cellular ones.

Some other quick highlights:

  1. In Q2 of 2013, 4x as much data was transferred over a WiFi connection vs. Cellular connection.
  2. Top 5 States with WiFi Bandwidth are VA, DE, NJ, MA, and NH. Bottom 5 States were AK, ID, WY, MT, and KY.
  3. Mobile app usage of Facebook, Instagram, and Loudtalks up 200%.
  4. National Bandwidth from the 1st to 2nd Quarter of 2013 WiFi Bandwidth increased twice as much as cellular.

Why does mobile data usage matter? Agencies need to look at the industry and user trends so that they can scale and adapt their data structures and create new content models for the proliferation of the wearables, sharables, flyables and drivables we will see in 2014 and beyond.