Always Future Ready: The Benefits of Open Content Models and Structured Data Webinar

Oct 28, 2013

“Future-ready content,” “responsive design,” “create once, publish everywhere” are all buzzwords you hear when talking about the present and future of Web publishing. But how do we get there? We all know that technology is only part of the answer. Open content models and structured data are a big part of the answer.

Lakshmi Grama, Senior Digital Strategist in the Office of Communications and Education at the National Cancer Institute (NCI) discusses what structured content and open content models can do to help government agencies create content that is platform-agnostic, format-free, and device-independent in this November, 2013 webinar. She illustrated the case for these new practices with best practices from the public and private sectors. She also announced a federal-wide effort to identify common content models for agencies to use.