Plain Language

Plain Language Webinar: Using Words to Build Better Digital Experiences

Wednesday, June 09, 2021 2:00 PM – 3:30 PM ET

Hosted by and the Plain Language Community of Practice

Writing is part of the design process, and writers are designers. Content design is a new way of thinking about writing, how it works, and why it works. In this session, Andy Welfle will explain how words make digital experiences human-centered. As federal agencies strive to use human-centered design, this webinar will reinforce to the audience that words and design work together.

Without words, apps would be an unusable jumble of shapes and icons—and voice interfaces and chatbots wouldn’t even exist. Words make digital experiences human-centered, and require just as much thought as the branding and code. See how interfaces rely on language, and how your writing can make or break an experience. Learn principles for UX writing that anyone who works on digital products can apply to their own work. 

During the session, Andy will discuss how to:

  • Encourage and grow writers (at every level).
  • Strengthen the writing community in your agency.
  • Showcase your writing victories.


  • Andy Welfle, author, Plain Language and design expert.

Following the curated discussion, there will be an opportunity for Q & A. Please submit questions in advance by emailing We will answer as many questions as time allows.

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