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A Guide For Agencies Building CX Capacity

Apr 24, 2020

This month, the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) Office of Customer Experience (OCE), in association with the Customer Experience Cross-Agency Priority (CAP) Goal team, released the Customer Experience Services Evaluation and Buying Guide (PDF, 843 kb, 10 pages). This resource is intended to answer questions and provide guidance to agencies looking to build their Customer Experience (CX) capacity through Human-centered Design (HCD).

The federal government is focused, now more than ever, on providing better experiences for the public by incorporating modern practices into their services such as CX and HCD principles. Some agencies have mature CX practices, while others are just getting started. At times, agencies look to the private industry to help them fill gaps to do their CX work. However, these practices are still new and some agencies are asking where to go for help and how to evaluate for good partners. The new Customer Experience Services Evaluation and Buying Guide will help to answer these questions and more.

The guide highlights a number of important topic areas:

  • Fundamental questions to ask in pursuing CX maturity
  • A roadmap on what agencies should consider as they buy CX services
  • Evaluation criteria for assessing the capabilities of industry partners, including what to seek in proposals as well as what to be cautious of
  • Information gathered from GSA’s HCD Request for Information (released fall of 2019)
  • Resources and organizations to reference and contact

If you have any questions or comments about the guide please contact GSA’s OCE at

Screencapture of the cover of the Customer Experience Services Evaluationa and Buying Guide. Colorful abstract shapes, icons, and the abbreviation for Customer Experience, CX, are below the title.
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