Trends on Tuesday: Facebook, TV and How to Reach Millennials and Hispanics

Dec 1, 2015

How do you capture millennial and Hispanic eyes? Through their hands. (More specifically: their mobile devices, and the social apps within!).

Popular social media icons on smartphone device screen

AdAge recently analyzed a study from Nielsen’s Homescan panel which found that in a typical month, 12.2% of millennials can only be reached through TV (looking at the top 10 networks only) versus 14.2% who can only be reached on Facebook.

The numbers are similar for U.S. Hispanics: 16.3% can only be reached on TV versus 17.5% who are only on Facebook.

For organizations using both TV and Facebook to reach their audience, the percentages are higher: 69.3% of millennials and 61.2% of Hispanics can be reached by using both platforms.

Hand using a remote control

Erin Sills, director of global consumer insights for Facebook, highlighted the importance of mobile in relationship to these statistics, saying that:

“We need to keep in mind that Facebook is largely a mobile platform, and it’s not that mobile is coming: Mobile is here.”

This research and analysis supports trends highlighted in previous articles on DigitalGov: U.S. consumers are spending more time in mobile apps than on TV, mobile users spend most of their time in social apps, and Hispanic millennials have long been viewed as a population that not only embraces but will also shape the mobile future.

Agencies looking to reach the millennial and Hispanic populations through social media and mobile outreach can tap into the wealth of resources on DigitalGov. Recent additions include 5 Keys for Government to Reach Hispanics Through Social Media, Social Video: Making Sense of the Facebook and YouTube Platforms, and tools for evaluating if your website is mobile-friendly.