Helpful Resources to Make Your Content Mobile-Friendly

May 4, 2015

Smartphones make up 75% of the mobile market—which makes mobile-friendliness a must for government agencies. With the recent update to Google’s search algorithm, or what some are calling Mobilegeddon, the case for building a mobile-friendly site becomes even stronger.

Examples of responsive web design are shown on illustrations of a tablet and smart phone


For many government organizations, responsive Web design (RWD) has been the answer to their mobile question. While RWD is by no means a panacea, it can provide agencies with a way to reach their customers on many devices with one site.

RWD refers to a fluidly constructed Web page layout that scales from handheld device displays to large, high-resolution computer displays using flexible typography, flexible images, fluid grids, and CSS3 media queries.

Over the past year, we have published several articles on RWD based on collaboration and case studies provided by members from the MobileGov Community of Practice.

Here are a few resources to help in your agency’s quest to become responsive/mobile-friendly.

Specific Mobile Web Techniques and Tools

Open Source Content Management Systems and Responsive Web Design Webinar Recap

This helpful webinar discusses content management systems like Drupal and how to use them to“grid” your website for RWD. is a shared service to help agencies focus on creating great content rather than on building systems to deliver that content. Sites provides an easy way to create a website that incorporates RWD and meets federal requirements.

Digital Analytics Program

The Digital Analytics Program’s customized Web analytics solution provides federal employees access to a common set of web metrics like pageviews, unique users, mobile vs. desktop visits, average time on page, bounce rate, number of downloads, etc.

Code Developed by Department of Health and Human Services to Make Tables Mobile-Friendly

The Department of Health and Human Services developed and shared Bootstrap code to make tables and charts responsive. The Defense Finance and Accounting Services (DFAS) leveraged this code for their site.

Challenges of RWD

Responsive Web Design Challenges Webinar Recap

Agencies discuss the challenges faced when implementing RWD, including making a case for why your agency should adopt RWD, scheduling/project management concerns, and dealing with specific things such as PDFs and tables on the redesigned site.

Responsive Web Design Case Studies

Search engine results indicating that an NPS park website is mobile-friendly

From building the case for RWD to working through procurement cycles, we have a number of case studies showing how agencies implemented RWD.