Tell Us Your Internet of Things Challenges

Apr 8, 2014
An illustration of a smart phone and smart watch synching data

The Internet of Things, a concept approaching reality, is best described as objects (think appliance, trees, etc.) in the world equipped with identifying devices or machine-readable identifiers that make them connected to the Web. This handy infographic charts the history and development of the idea and perhaps this washing machine could be a roadmap to the future.

The fourth annual Internet of Things Day is Wednesday, April 9th. It was created by the Internet of Things Council to encourage interested people around the world to connect by hosting and attending meetups, hackathons, and spending time with others to help jump-start important categories of conversation and collaboration around this technology.

We’ve touched on the Internet of Things trends and how Internet of Things relates to mobile, social media and managing digital. But, in the spirit of Internet of Things day, we wanted to get your thoughts on the issues or opportunities government will face.

One of the big challenges will be privacy and security, and the Federal Trade Commission sponsored a meetup on this topic in November. But what other challenges will the Internet of Things bring for government, and how do we overcome them?

Let us know in the comments!