Trends on Tuesday: Let’s Talk Connected Devices

Oct 22, 2013

Mobile Future recently released this infographic about the proliferation of connected devices. Among the key data points:

  • Today, there are 10 billion connected devices.
  • By 2020, data from connected devices will more than double all global Internet traffic in 2012.
  • Traffic from connected devices will grow 24 times in just five years.
  • Global connected device revenue is $200 billion now and could grow to $1.2 trillion in 2020.
  • In the future, virtually everything we make will be able to connect to the Internet.

Like Mary Meeker explained earlier this year, just about every thing you can think of is or will be connected to the the Web—it’s not just smartphones and computers. Now everything from buses with real-time tracking, streetlights, dog collars, to home thermostats—is connecting to the wireless Web. As more devices “get smart,” the Internet of Things will ignite new ways of doing almost everything, from the rudimentary to the extraordinary.

Government agencies can prepare by taking a Mobile First approach and creating structured and open content models as mobile becomes increasingly more than just smartphones and tablets.