Income Scams Are Subject of New FTC Fotonovela

Oct 14, 2015
FTC fotonovela Fatima Says No to an Income Scam

The FTC’s second Spanish-language fotonovela is about scams that promise you can make money selling high-end products or brand-name merchandise. If the pitch sounds familiar, that’s because the story is based on facts from a recent [Federal Trade Commission] FTC lawsuit against a company that targeted Spanish speakers nationwide.

Income Scams tells the story of Fatima, a consumer who is looking for a way to earn some extra money. She gets a phone call:

“I have a great opportunity for you to make money with our company. We’re very well known in your area. You can buy brand name products like purses and perfumes from us at wholesale prices. Then you sell them to your friends and family and make a profit.”

FTC fotonovela Fatima Says No to an Income Scam panel in Spanish
Fatima wants to follow through, but she can’t afford the fee. The caller tells her she can pay by money order when the merchandise is delivered.

Read Fatima Says No to an Income Scam to learn what happens next, what to do if you get a random phone call offering a way to make money, and how to complain to the FTC about it.

Share Fatima’s story with your friends, family, coworkers, or neighbors. Order free copies in Spanish at post was originally published on the FTC Consumer Information blog by Alvaro Puig, Consumer Education Specialist.