Census Promotes Mobile Apps Front and Center!

Sep 4, 2014
A screen capture of Census dot gov with an overlay displaying 3 of their mobile apps.

Those cutting edge folks over at Census have raised the bar again! Not only do they have three mobile apps that use their own APIs, but now everyone who visits Census.gov is presented with an overlay promoting America’s Economy, Census PoPQuiz, and dwellr. Clicking on the overlay takes you straight to their mobile products page.

Overlay advertising is just one way to promote your mobile products. Your public affairs office is key to ensure you promote to social media and other channels that will alert your users and relevant communities. Don’t forget to add your mobile product to the Federal Mobile Apps Registry which gets them on the USA.gov Apps Gallery (and then featured as our “Thursday Mobile Products on DigitalGov.gov").

Some other things you can do that we’ve seen from agencies participating the Mobile Gov Community of Practice:

  • Integrate your product into related outreach and public affairs messages.
  • Develop a strategy for continual marketing to keep promoting your mobile products after the initial launch.
  • Involve your external partners in your promotion efforts. Tribal, state, and local governments as well as private sector and academic partners can provide valuable assistance in promoting the use of your great mobile products.
  • Because mobile usage has surpassed desktop usage for social media, be sure to promote the app through social media.
  • Look for opportunities at conferences and seminars where your users meet.

Tell us some other ways agencies can promote mobile products?