Trends on Tuesday: Mobile Surpasses Desktop for Social Media

Nov 5, 2013

More users are now accessing social media via mobile than on desktops. People are checking email or using social networks during their commute, in line at the grocery store, or waiting at the doctor’s office. recently covered the topic and UnifiedSocial created the infographic in the post (click it to get full version) around trends in social and mobile.

Here are some key stats:

  1. Mobile users are nearly twice as likely to share content on social networks as desktop users
  2. Global shipments of tablets will eclipse PCs in 2015
  3. 78% of US Facebook users access via mobile at least once a month
  4. 60% of Twitter users access via mobile at least once a month
  5. Mobile users are 66% more likely to retweet content than web users.

The intersection of social and mobile allows government agencies to gain a more holistic view of their user base. Mobile allows agencies to develop more two-way conversations with the public, creating a shift from monologue to dialogue but agencies need to figure out where these new methodologies will work best for them. For help doing that, start to think Mobile First with social media.