Digital Analytics Program (DAP): Oceans of Data

Apr 1, 2014

In the last 15 months, the federal Digital Analytics Program (DAP) monthly Web traffic has grown to more than 1.1 billion views gov-wide, providing Web analytics to 29 U.S. federal cabinet-level agencies and nearly 3,000 public-facing government Web properties.

image showing total monthly hits in Google Analytics since November 2012

The mission of the DAP is to help improve digital citizen services by providing comprehensive digital analytics, training and best practices to agencies. Information reported in DAP Web Analytics is a gold mine for research and analysis for improving the effectiveness, efficiency and relevancy of information and services provided on the government websites. The DAP originally launched in August 2012 to help agencies implement Milestone 8.2 of the Digital Government Strategy, which requires to use comprehensive analytics across all of the U.S. federal agencies’ public-facing Web presence. The DAP gov-wide Web analytics tool was introduced to agencies in October 2012.

DAP data helps agencies their website visitors find relevant and timely information on government services across multiple channels (e.g. Social Media, offsite links, organic search, email campaigns etc.) and to view the Web content on any devices (mobile, desktop, tablet).

The DAP Web Analytics architecture with its agency-based views provides agency users with transparency into their Web traffic data and promotes every-day knowledge sharing, lessons learned, and best practices. Check out how NASA and NPS leverage the DAP GA data to improve their digital citizen services.

For more about DAP and how your agrency website can participate, [visit] (/guides/dap/).

Originally posted by Marina Fox on Apr 1, 2014

GSA | Washington, DC

Apr 1, 2014