Trends on Tuesday: Mobile Download Speeds on the Rise

Mar 18, 2014

Mobile devices are uploading data faster and mobile users are starting to expect better performance, according to Citrix. Fifty percent of web pages are taking 37.5% less time to load on a mobile device than they did just a year ago according the Citrix Mobile Analytics Report.

Infographic, all stats in blog text

This infographic from the study shows the percentage of users who abandon a mobile website based on the speed with which it loads:

  • 33% – 5 seconds to load
  • 54% – 10 seconds to load
  • 68% – 20 seconds to load

As the data demonstrates a third of users expect a mobile site to load within 5 seconds. However, these users aren’t necessarily blaming the web site for all delays, as 57% blame the mobile provider when a video stalls.

Agencies optimizing their websites for mobile use need to consider the user’s experience and provide a site that focuses on only the most important user content to ensure quick loading. Check out our mobile performance testing resources.