Trends on Tuesday: Optimizing Infographics for Mobile

Feb 4, 2014

Mobile first means more than just focusing on text content; it’s also includes considering visual content as important element of the user experience.

The infographic from Design for Infographics highlights what happens when a visual experience doesn’t meet mobile users expectations. Here are some tips on making sure your visual content, like infographics, create good visual user experiences.

1. Infographics should tell a story. Explain the key point’s people need to consider in your graphic.

2. Think device agnostic. Don’t risk alienating your visitors by focusing on one device. Test your infographic on multiple devices. Consider the small but high resolution screens that users will be viewing your infographics on.

3. Think about your target audience. Consider their pain points and dreams and how you can help. Think about what they find interesting and helpful.

4. Don’t make your infographic too complex. Break your big ideas into sections. Make sure you have an eye catching design and logical flow from one section to the next but keep it simple!

5. Have an outreach plan. Even your best infographic won’t magically go viral. Again think of your target audience, what blogs or websites are they reading? Look at maximizing social sharing.