You’ll Have Them at Swipe: Making An Awesome Mobile User Experience Webinar

Feb 11, 2013

Learn how to create amazing and engaging Mobile Gov User Experiences by watching this webinar.

Anytime, anywhere government will be used in numerous contexts and requires developers to think about more than just content, security and privacy during implementation. In fact, Smashing magazine has listed 12 elements to consider for building good mobile user experiences.

In this webinar, Mobile Gov developers from the National Institutes of Health and Department of Veteran’s Affairs talk about how mobile user experience is different from traditional channels, discuss how to approach user experience during mobile implementations, and demonstrate their successful practices.

You’ll Learn How To

  • Rethink user experience when implementing mobile
  • Approach Mobile Gov user experiences
  • Implement successful Mobile Gov user experiences and practices

Who Should Watch

Anyone interested in digital government, mobile strategy, mobile development, natives apps, data & API’s, mobile web, mobile implementation in the federal government and the digital government strategy.

Three presentations: