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Designed to build collaborative public-private partnerships and inform federal employees, this day-long event will feature presentations from industry and government leaders, automation platform providers, automation systems integrators and consultancies, emerging technology experts, and more.

Hosted by Digital.gov and the The IRS Office of the Chief Procurement Officer, GSA Office of the Chief Financial Officer, OPM Office Employee Services/Strategic Workforce Planning, and the Federal RPA Community of Practice

This is an opportunity to discuss what agencies need to know about current issues in emerging technologies for IT modernization and form consensus on inter-agency collaboration and resource development, and shape initiatives that empower teams across government.

Hosted by Digital.gov and the ECTO

The Emerging Technology Leadership Series, hosted by the U.S. General Services Administration Emerging Citizen Technology Office, is a six-part livestream pilot to enhance the modern federal workforce with training, education and awareness of emerging technologies including Artificial Intelligence, Robotic Process Automation, Blockchain, Social Technologies and Virtual/Augmented Reality.
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Hosted by Digital.gov and the Emerging Citizen Technology Office (ECTO)


How Federal Leaders Can Build the Will, Skill, and Velocity Needed for Digital Transformation

Learning—and practicing—five imperatives of network leadership can help agencies improve their odds for successful digital transformation. Many organizations are undergoing digital transformation because the organizations see that it is necessary for long-term survival. However, digitally reinventing the organization is “one of the hardest journeys to make.” According to industry experts, two-thirds of organizations will fail
Sep 06, 2017