Inter-agency Federal Emerging Citizen Technologies Forum

Wednesday, December 13, 2017 10:30 AM – 12:00 PM ET

Hosted by and the Emerging Citizen Technology program

This in-person and online meeting is for government employees only. Capacity is limited for in-person attendance.

GSA’s Emerging Citizen Technology program is hosting its new monthly forum – this month discussing everything from U.S. Digital Registry open office hours, updates on Amazon Alexa terms of service, the new “Paths to Acquisition” resource, training and education needs, the launch of our new Venture Capital Advisory Group, and more.


  • Department of Homeland Security Office of Venture, Innovation and Engagement (VICE) | #InnovateDHS
  • Department of Treasury Office of Financial Innovation and Transformation I FIT
  • Department of State Office of Global Partnerships
  • U.S. General Services Administration Emerging Citizen Technology Office I ECTO
  • U.S. National Archives and Records Administration Innovation Hub

Meeting Agenda

[10:35-10:50] Welcome & Introductions (Justin Herman, GSA)

[10:50-11:00] U.S. Emerging Citizen Technology Atlas Update

  • New“Paths to Acquisition” resource (Kelly Pippin, FAS)

[11:00-11:15] New ECTO Venture Capital Advisory Group (Molly Cain and Jennifer Hoover, DHS)

  • Venture, Innovation and Engagement (VICE) #InnovateDHS)

[11:15:-11:45] Communities and Pilots Update and Discussion

  • Artificial Intelligence for Citizen Services
    • Intelligent Personal Assistant terms of service
    • Robotic Process Automation
  • Blockchain
  • SocialGov
    • Monthly office hours for U.S. Digital Registry
  • Virtual/Augmented Reality

[11:50-12:00] New Business

  • Training, Education and Awareness Needs

[12:00] Next Meeting & Adjourn

  • January 10, 1030-1200, U.S. National Archives and Records Administration