FedRAMP 5th Anniversary

Jun 13, 2017

This week we’re excited to celebrate FedRAMP’s fifth birthday! The program has come a long way over the past five years, as we have been able to grow and transform the program to continue meeting our partners’ evolving needs.

Banner graphic for FedRAMP's 5th birthday. On the left, it has Happy 5th Birthday FedRAMP in white text on a red red ribbon. On the right is a cupcake with white frosting, multi-colored sprinkles, and a lit sparkler (instead of a candle).

FedRAMP achieved initial operational capability in 2012. We launched FedRAMP.gov that year as our primary communication and outreach channel. Since then, we have continued to iterate based on the voice of the customer and have expanded our outreach to include such activities as training, weekly tips, a user-centered marketplace and dashboard, and the Focus on FedRAMP blog.

A few things we are particularly proud of:

2012 2017
1 authorized Cloud Service Provider (CSP) 82 authorized CSPs (100% year-over-year growth with no funding increase)
12-18 month timeframe for the Joint Authorization Board (JAB) authorization process 3-6 month timeframe for the JAB authorization process (75% time reduction)
1 baseline for cloud authorizations: FedRAMP Low/Moderate 4 baselines in response to stakeholder needs and feedback: FedRAMP Low, FedRAMP Moderate, FedRAMP High, FedRAMP Tailored (to be released late summer)
3 JAB agencies (DoD, DHS, GSA) initially engaged 107 agencies and all 24 CFO Act agencies agencies engaged

We are grateful for the responsive community with whom we work. You have continued to provide invaluable input and feedback along the way. Thank you for helping us improve and grow the program!

As we reach this milestone in our program’s history, we wanted to update our logo and branding as we move into our sixth year:

FedRAMP's 2017 logo. It has a whte background and is a rectangle in portrait orientation; taller than wide. At the top is a square in a gradient of blues with the letters F and R in white capital letters. Below that is the name FedRAMP in red letters.

We worked with our stakeholders to develop a simpler and more flexible logo. As of June 6, this is the official FedRAMP logo, including all reference to and use on fedramp.gov and other federal sources of information. We have updated our branding guidance (PDF, 887 KB, 15 pages) for use of the new logo as well.

We thank you for your continued partnership with FedRAMP.

This post was originally published on the FedRAMP blog.