We’ve expanded analytics.usa.gov to include 15(!) more agency-specific dashboard pages. We now offer agency-specific analytics data pages for a total of 25 major federal agencies, and each one is accessible from the dropdown menu at the top of the site.

Screen capture showing arrows pointng to all participating websites, and the number of visitors to those sites at that moment; 217, 318 people.

Additionally, we’ve moved the downloadable datasets to their own pages, rather than be located on the dashboard pages themselves. The page to download aggregated data for all participating sites is now analytics.usa.gov/data, and each agency-specific page has a corresponding data page, as well.

Screen capture of Download the Data.

We’re excited to offer the public this expanded view of web analytics data, and we hope you find it useful!

Tim Lowden leads the Digital Analytics Program (DAP), which powers analytics.usa.gov. Gray Brooks, Eric Mill, Heather Battaglia, and Colin Craig are at 18F and contribute to the development and maintenance of the site.

The DAP currently tracks analytics data on more than 4,000 U.S. federal government websites across 45 agencies. To learn more or to find out how your agency/website can participate in the program, please email us. The work on analytics.usa.gov is open-source, and can be found in our GitHub repo.

Originally posted by Colin Craig on Jun 17, 2016
Originally posted by Eric Mill on Jun 17, 2016

GSA | Washington D.C.

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GSA | Washington, D.C.

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Jun 17, 2016