New Playbook Details What It’s Like to Work with 18F Delivery

Nov 20, 2015

If you or your agency have thought about working with 18F but are unsure of how we work with our partners, we have a new set of guidelines to help you out. The 18F Delivery Partner Playbook is specifically targeted at federal offices interested in working with 18F to build digital services.

A whistle lays on top of a digital tablet that is displaying a football strategy play.

The playbook is based both on our project experience to date and common questions that come up during our business development process. It lays out the plays and techniques that we’ve found make for a successful collaboration between us and our partners. We hope that naming our aspirations can help better align expectations about how we’ll work together. Many of the principles below build on specific plays in the U.S. Digital Services Playbook, which some 18F staffers assisted in authoring.

The eight plays in this playbook are:

  1. We build in the open.
  2. We work with an empowered product owner.
  3. We focus on understanding the problem first.
  4. We work in an agile way.
  5. We use user-centered research and design methods.
  6. We may revisit the project at a high level if there is a major change in project goals.
  7. We transfer projects back to your team for ongoing support.
  8. We deploy projects using best practice back-end methods and technology.

Under each point, you’ll see explanatory information, specifics on what the play means for our shared work, and how to know if you are ready to execute the play.

As our work goes on, we will continue to iterate this playbook and other guides to memorialize the lessons we learn. If you don’t feel prepared to work in the ways described, 18F Consulting may be able to help introduce some of the playbook’s ideas through tools like agile workshops. Please let us know how the playbook can be improved by opening an issue. And if this sounds like the way you like to work, get in touch via email.

This post was originally published on the 18Fblog by Will Slack, 18F team member.