Is Your Agency Winning Its Mobile Moments?

Oct 7, 2015

Someone has a problem they are trying to solve. They pull out their mobile device and find a solution. They move onto something else. That’s a mobile moment.

Organizations are living and dying by their mobile moments, and a few government agencies are winning theirs. We’ve written before how the Transportation Security Administration is winning their “What Can I Bring…” moment at airports while taxpayers are engaing around the IRS2Go “Where’s My Refund?” mobile moment. NOAA is saving the whales (and dolphins), one mobile moment at a time. The National Center of Telehealth and Technology at the Department of Defense has a suite of apps providing mental health services one mobile moment at a time.

Do you know what your user’s mobile moments are? Are you winning them? You haven’t made the fatal mistake of trying to shovel your website into a mobile site or app, have you? Testers in the Federal Mobile CrowdSource Program have evidence that suggests you may be shoehorning your content, which leads to poor user experience and makes your website a candidate for the app graveyard.

This month we’re focusing on mobile moments. We are talking about how agencies are measuring performance, designing, journey-mapping, using open data and enhancing and trying to win their mobile moments.

Originally posted by Jacob Parcell on Oct 7, 2015

GSA | Washington D.C.

Oct 7, 2015