DigitalGov Podcast: The Secrets Behind CIA Social Media

Aug 25, 2015

The Central Intelligence Agency launched their Twitter account with the second most retweeted inaugural post in the platform’s history: “We can neither confirm nor deny that this is our first tweet.”

Now for the first time, on the DigitalGov podcast, learn from the CIA itself the best practices behind one of the most high-profile social media accounts in both the public and private sector.

Justin Herman, GSA lead for the government-wide SocialGov Community, explores the story-behind-the-stories with Carolyn Reams, web strategist for, on not-so-secret subjects including:

  • How and why did the CIA get into social media?
  • What does a great day look like for the CIA social media team?
  • How has the high profile of their accounts and overwhelming response changed internal stakeholder expectations?
  • Behind the scenes accounts of well-known CIA social media engagements, including: “The Dr. Zhivago Incident” and “The #Sharkweek Case of Julia Child and the Shark Repellent.”
  • What’s next?

Also joining the conversation is Scott Horvath, social media lead for the U.S. Geological Survey, providing perspectives from his more than eight years of experience in government social media.

To listen to the podcast offline, download the .mp3 file (21 MB). You can also download and read the transcript (Word document, 14 KB, 10 pages).

Originally posted by Justin Herman on Aug 25, 2015

GSA | Washington D.C.

Aug 25, 2015