CIO Council Releases IT Policy Library

Jul 24, 2015

The CIO Council recently published an IT Policy Library database in order to provide agency innovators with a searchable, comprehensive collection of IT reporting and action requirements for federal agencies.

Craig Jennings, Senior Advisor at the Federal CIO Council, was instrumental in the implementation of the resource library. Craig believed that all of the policies concerning IT should be in one place to allow for the highest level of transparency and usability.

The database is dynamic and allows you to search through policies and requirements based on the type of policy document and whether or not the particular policy or requirement would require reporting or any other actions from federal agencies.

The database can be found on the CIO Council’s resources page.

A screenshot of C I O dot gov's I T Policy Library.

The database also provides a place for you to submit and leave feedback concerning the resource and suggest additions to the library’s content.