Monthly Theme: Customer Service in the Federal Digital Space

May 7, 2015

“The customer is king.” “The customer is always right.”

Regardless of your feelings on these age-old customer service adages, the fact remains: we’re all serving someone. No matter what corner of the federal digital space you occupy, you are connecting with people, and the outcome of those connections matters.

To recognize the importance of these relationships, DigitalGov is focusing on customer service as our May monthly theme.

There are numerous ways to look at the customer experience and many digital professionals may ask themselves, how is it different from user experience? In fact, one of our most popular articles of 2014 was User Experience (UX) vs. Customer Experience (CX): What’s the Dif? Start with this article as you whet your CX whistle for this month, and learn more about how the two disciplines relate to each other.

This month will be packed with articles, including pieces on:

Digital customer service delivery will be an integral part of the DigitalGov Citizen Services Summit on May 21st. Registration for the live-stream event is open to the public.