Take a Gander at Our /Developer Page!

Jul 28, 2014

A growing trend both inside government and outside is to have a simple welcoming page for outside developers who may be interested in your team’s efforts. This material is often located at website.gov/developer 1 and points visitors to technical material that developers may be interested in, especially APIs. Collecting technical documentation in one place facilitates the developer experience, ensuring that they can find and begin using APIs with as little friction as possible.

Believing in this best practice, we’re launching 18F’s /developer page to provide a consistent and friendly starting point for other coders—both in the public and within government. There are two main sections, one for our APIs and another for 18F initiatives that are targeted to this community. There’s a good bit there but we hope you’ll check back often as we add more APIs…a lot more APIs!

1 as recommended in the Digital Government Strategy.