Mobile Gov Code Chop Shop: Help Department of Labor Share Their App Functionality Gov-wide

Jul 21, 2014

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You’ve just found a great open source fed agency app on the Mobile Code Sharing Catalog, and would love to use one of its cool functionalities for your own agency’s app.

As federal agencies release more and more code to the open source community, this dilemma is becoming increasingly commonplace. Agencies who open-source their entire app’s code are taking an excellent first step; the next challenge is to get the really interesting and useful code reused more readily. One way to do this is to annotate the app’s code and open source the code via functionality.

This is the goal behind our first Mobile Gov Code Chop Shop. We will get some sharp developers in a room, cut a federal app (or two) up into highly reusable parts, and post the (code) parts on the Mobile Code Sharing Catalog for anyone to use.

The first Mobile Code Chop Shop will be on July 29th at 1800 F Street, Washington, D.C. 20405, with the focus on liberating reusable code from Department of Labor’s HeatSafety App. We are looking for developers to help chop the app as well as those with federal apps who are interested in sharing their mobile code. You will learn:

  • Why and how to share mobile code
  • How to chop/annotate an app

Become a chopper and help us make federal apps more open!

How Do I Sign Up

Space is very limited for this event. Please send an email to DigitalGov with your coding skills/experience and how you would like to help out.

Originally posted by Jacob Parcell on Jul 21, 2014

GSA | Washington D.C.

Originally posted by Michael Pulsifer on Jul 21, 2014
Jul 21, 2014