Trends on Tuesday: Mary Meeker’s 2014 Internet Trends

Jun 3, 2014

Mary Meeker
Since 2001, Mary Meeker has developed a knack for highlighting what’s currently happening on the Internet and how this information may impact technology and business in the future. Last week she released her 2014 Internet Trends and it reveals some interesting digital trends. Here are the highlights:

  • Marketing: Social messaging is changing from broadcasting a few messages to a large audience (like Facebook) to frequent interactions with targeted groups (like Snapchat).
  • Apps: Single purpose apps are on the rise, making apps geared towards specific services more popular than ones that have multiple purposes.
  • Big data: Sensor use in devices is providing companies with a lot more data to mine.
  • Cloud: Falling costs for computing (33 percent), storage (38 percent) and bandwidth (27 percent) have enabled the cloud.
  • User interfaces: As industries have developed new ways to present applications, bad user interfaces have started to disappear.
  • Mobile first: Internet touch points with stakeholders are increasingly becoming mobile connections.

Meeker’s observations can provide insight to government agencies as they continue to develop mobile and other digital strategies. One trend that cannot be ignored is Mobile First. As the report reveals, the rise of mobile device ownership, as well as multi-screen engagement, is causing organizations to “re-imagine” how they can effectively engage stakeholders. See the full report here.

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Originally posted by Treci Johnson on Jun 3, 2014
Jun 3, 2014