Trends on Tuesday: More Tablet Shipments than PCs in 2014?

Dec 3, 2013

Canalys, an international IT company, predicted last week that tablets will almost out-ship all other PC form factors combined next year. They expect that tablets will account for almost 50% of the total client PC market (that includes desktops, notebooks, and tablets) in 2014.

PC shipments accounted for 40% of PC shipments in Q3 2013, less than half a million units behind global notebook shipments. Tablet domination is set to continue, with Canalys forecasting 285 million units to ship in 2014, growing to 396 million units in 2017.

This validates trends we have noted in the past and mobile won’t just mean being available via smartphone. Connected devices like tablets and other drivable, wearable, flyable innovations will continue to come on the market. Agencies need to take a mobile first approach and look at new data approaches like open content modeling to be ready.

Originally posted by Jacob Parcell on Dec 3, 2013

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Dec 3, 2013