Department of Labor: Download Their Apps, Fork Their Code, Check out the Webinar

Jul 18, 2013

The Department of Labor’s DOL Timesheet, OSHA Heat Index Tool and LaborStats apps are available anytime and anywhere for the public. Now their code is available for agencies to leverage for mobile development.

All the apps’ code are available on the Mobile Code Sharing Catalog –a resource for developers that can help them find source code for native and web projects from a variety of sources.

  • DOL Timesheet allows users to keep track of the amount of hours worked in a week and calculates an estimated income. It even takes into account overtime after 40 hours of work in a week and implements the necessary calculations to determine the amount that may be owed.
  • LaborStats captures various news releases published by the Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration (ETA) and Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).
  • OSHA Heat Index Tool allows workers and supervisors to calculate the heat index for their worksite, and, based on the heat index, display a risk level to outdoor workers.

Hear more about how these apps and the Mobile Code Sharing Catalog can help your agency’s mobile efforts today by listening to the archive of our Mobile Code Sharing Webinar featuring DOL’s Mike Pulsifer below.

As always, you can view other mobile products like DOL – Timesheet, LaborStats and the OSHA Heat Index Tool on the Apps Gallery.