Mobile Application Development Program Webinar and Wikithon Tomorrow!

May 29, 2013

Anytime, anywhere government information and services are becoming more important as the public increasingly consumes information and services on the go.

As we announced last week, agencies can now get assistance with their mobile development efforts with our new Mobile Application Development Program.

Tomorrow, we will host a webinar and a wikithon to highlight our program that helps agencies plan, develop, test and launch anytime, anywhere, any device mobile products and services for the public.

Join us at either event to hear how the program’s tools—developed with and by 25 agencies across government-can help your agency. In addition, you can get your questions answered and invigorate your agency’s mobile efforts.

See the links below for more details on these two exciting events.

Mobile Application Development Program Webinar

Thursday, May 30, 2013, 11:00 AM–12:00 PM ET

Free and open to the public–Register here.

Mobile Application Development Program Wikithon

Thursday, May 30, 2013, 2-4 pm

In Person Location Only (Open to public, bring a laptop and earn badges.)

801 18th St NW # 1 Washington, DC 20006. (202) 785-2024

Originally posted by Jacob Parcell on May 29, 2013

GSA | Washington D.C.

May 29, 2013