Cracking the Mobile Contracting Nut

May 6, 2013

Mobile is a fast moving technology leaving many agencies feeling behind the contracting eight-ball. Between finding those rockstar mobile developers, figuring out what to ask for in a statement of work (SOW), the time it takes getting a contract to get those expert resources, agencies are challenged in making anytime, anywhere mobile gov.

We have some relief.

We have been working with several agencies to create model mobile SOW templates to use in a new program designed to streamline the acquisitions process for some technology services–like mobile development. It’s called RFP-EZ.

RFP-EZ is a web based platform created by the Small Business Administration and a group of Presidential Innovation Fellows to improve tech acquisitions by focusing on small business and contracts valued below $150,000. (Why $150K? That’s because there are special simplified acquisition rules under this threshold.)

The RFP-EZ platform was designed to simplify the development of statements of work, improve agency access to information about small businesses and enable small businesses to submit quotes, bids or proposals electronically.

Good for Federal Agencies

RFP-EZ streamlines and simplifies the procurement process and allows agencies to work with their Contracting Officers to get developers on board quickly. RFP-EZ allows agencies to;

  • View a profile of the business (location, small business status, prior awards and award cost, and current catalog pricing of the business)
  • Browse pre-existing SOW templates and leverage them as templates for creating their own SOW’s
  • Easily coordinate with Contracting Officers who can edit RFP’s and easily post them to
  • Submit their RFP’s directly to a community of vendors actively searching for RFP’s
  • Monitor and respond to vendor questions on bids.

Agencies just need to sign up to get started.

**Good for Small Business Mobile Developers


RFP-EZ streamlines and simplifies the procurement process and allows businesses to bid on government RFP’s quicker. RFP-EZ allows small businesses to;

  • Market their services and products to the government
  • Sign up to receive alerts about and monitor new RFP’s
  • Respond online instead of having to download the solicitation and respond with a paper-based offer
  • Ask questions and communicate with agencies about the acquisition online
  • Access “helper text” to assist in responding to the solicitation and save their draft proposals for later review and reuse
  • Store some standard information to pre-populate required forms on their current and future acquisitions.

Small businesses can sign up to get started. In order to be awarded RFP’s they will need to be registered with and follow procedures there.

Good for Mobile Gov

We have been working with the folks developing RFP-EZ at SBA to include model mobile SOW templates. Now when agencies create a new project in RFP-EZ, they can find our model mobile SOW templates by choosing the “Mobile Application Development” project type.

In addition, there is a community of vendors who can provide the expertise and skills needed to develop excellent mobile products (mobile web, native apps, etc.). Agencies can browse this community and encourage other mobile and web service providers, such as designers and developers, to join the community.

So, what are you waiting for? Put on your mobile gov thinking cap and start using RFP-EZ today!


Contact @RFP-EZ or email and for mobile gov.