Mobile Application Development Program

Helping agencies plan, develop, test and launch anytime, anywhere, any device mobile products and services for the public.

Mobile Application Development Program: Plan, Develop, Test, Launch
  • Plan—Build a mobile strategy, see what other agencies have done, use new acquisitions tools to find top mobile developers.
  • **Develop—**Create great mobile apps and sites using mobile user experience guidelines. Jump start development by leveraging pre-existing code.
  • **Test—**Make sure your app works on all devices by leveraging automated and in the wild testing support. Test for security & accessibility.
  • **Launch—**Let people know yours is an official government app by registering it. Get your app in the app stores and leverage API’s for promoting your apps.



  • Use the Mobile Product Testing Guidelines and Resources pulled from government and the private sector available in four areas: security/privacy, accessibility, functionality/UX and app performance.
  • Speed up your acquisition of testing services with ready-made sample SOW language with mobile developer qualifications.
  • Leverage a crowd-sourced pool of federal volunteers to test your mobile web app/site on a wide range of mobile devices with the Federal Crowdsource Mobile Testing Program.



What’s Next

This is a beginning–we’ll continue to develop new tools to help you develop mobile products for the public. Contact us via email and tell us what you need.