An introduction to design

Understand how to implement a design-driven user experience

What is design?

American designer Charles Eames has described design as “a plan for arranging elements to accomplish a particular purpose.”[1] This can easily be applied to government websites, as the purpose of most agency websites is to enable users to accomplish specific tasks.

Why does design matter?

Like a tour guide or museum docent, well-designed websites are helpful, courteous, informational, and relevant, escorting people through their journey to a successful outcome. When agencies deliver customer-centric digital services that work well, it increases satisfaction, confidence, and trust in government.

Poorly-designed websites often present information from an organizational (rather than customer-centric) viewpoint. This results in websites that don’t communicate clearly, and leave users stranded without answering their questions. When users are forced to abandon a website, they often call or email for help instead, which can be significantly more expensive for agencies than providing the self-service solutions preferred by most people.

How to design websites that work well for users

There are four key pillars to meet the federal web requirements related to design and user experience (UX).

  1. Design a consistent user experience
  2. Continually test products and services to ensure they meet user needs
  3. Listen to and act on customer feedback
  4. Be device-agnostic

Great websites are rooted in customer understanding, so learn what your customers really need, and observe how they interact with your products in the real world, including on different devices, to identify and address design issues that cause confusion or impede the customer journey.


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Developed in collaboration with GSA’s Service Design Program, Office of Customer Experience.